Intuitive Captive Solutions

Intuitive Captive Solutions works with brokers and firms to create and manage domestic enterprise risk captive insurance companies. Known simply as enterprise risk captives, these specialized insurance companies can help businesses achieve a greater level of security while generating additional tax benefits and revenues for the companies that form them.

Intuitive was founded in 2005 and has grown a strong and loyal client base as well as distribution partnerships with respected brokers throughout the U.S.

Intuitive Captives

Intuitive captives are available through a national network of high-end insurance brokers. If your brokerage is interested in learning more about our programs, please contact us for additional information.

Read more about the coverages we offer. Serving industries that include financial services, real estate, construction, manufacaturing, and more, we have expertise in a number of areas and can meet your clients’ needs.

We’ve also highlighted stories from our brokerage partners that include some of the most respected firms in the U.S. They share insights on how to structure and form captives for their clients, and also talk about how they’re developing captive strategies at their firms.

Your captive resource

Intuitive is a full-service outsource resource for your firm. From a thorough feasibility study to make sure your client is ready for a captive, to launching the captive and managing it long-term, we are there to support you and your clients. Find out more about partnering with us.