its our money too

CREX – Share the Risk

When we hear commercial underwriters pose this rhetorical question to their potential customers:  “What would we do if it was our money?” we cringe. At Intuitive, it is our money. And that’s what sets us apart from the pack.

We’re not a massive corporation. We’re a group of experts who work with some of the largest independent agents, accounting firms, business and tax attorneys in the U.S. to ensure our partners get the best information and services available. We believe in what we do, and our investment dollars are right there with yours.

CREX: A unique solution for sharing risk

We formed Intuitive Reinsurance Administrators, LLC to manage a proprietary reinsurance pool known as the Colorado Reinsurance Exchange (CREX). CREX is exclusive to captives managed by Intuitive, and allows clients to share risk through a reinsurance contract. By spreading the risk, our captives are able to share losses and benefit from the financial support of their insurance colleagues while remaining compliant with all regulatory requirements. We not only manage the exchange, we’re part of it, ensuring the structure, management, and performance of the exchange, and most of all, its integrity.

Our investment, together

We are always concerned with the integrity of what we do, we are committed to flawless execution on behalf of each client, and we are invested in the financial performance of each of our clients.

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